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Simply download the Release.exe file and run it. It will download the latest Minecraft.exe launcher and run it, storing all data in MinecraftData.

Dead simple


You can use a custom launcher, all you have to do is open MinecraftData/config.portable.json and change "launcher":"minecraft.exe" to where your custom launcher is located, assuming MineraftData is the root folder. so MultiMC would be setup like so


your config.portable.json file would look like {"launcher":"MultiMC/MultiMC.exe","java":false}

When setting up MultiMC with the setup in this example, it is IMPORTANT to use this path to javaw.exe ../runtime/jre-x64/bin/javaw.exe, otherwise Java may not work

If you wanted to use a jar version of minecraft, like minecraft.jar (can be found here, you will need winrar or 7zip to open the lzma archive)

and change your config.portable.json to match this